Distribution of skill certification to students by NSDC Rekha Menon From NASCOM Delhi & Principal

Dhote. Bandhu. Science. College.
Has been accredited with A+ grade  (CGPA-3.51)  by NAAC Bangalore.

President's Message

Gondia Education Society is a pioneering education society of eastern Vidarbha. The saint Of education, the messiah of messiah of laymen late Manoharbhai Patel laid its foundation in 1958 to Kindle light in long dejected, educationally backward and socially and economically deprived, subjugated echelons of society. Possessed with a dream of catering quality education and putting GES on global graph, Late Manoharbhai Patel established several temples of learning .D.B.Science College is one diamond in that priceless chain.

Tennyson has right said “Old changeth; yielding place to new. ‘’ Sweeping drastic and Radically subversive changes in all walks of life has motivated changes in educational pedagogy also and I am highly pleased by seeing the college assimilating and giving in way to newly redefined yardsticks of education and crying needs of time. I am greatly amused that college is running many job oriented and indigenous courses for skill development and employment. The college has become one of the first 90 colleges in India to get B. Voc and Community College. My Joy knew no bound after learning that our students are not only availing surplus scholarships but are getting placements in multinational and universally acclaimed companies like TCS, Wipro, IL&FS. It is indeed a insignia of toil taken by a proactive principal along with his highly efficient colleagues.

It is very appreciable that college is making all efforts to groom the all round personality of the students and make them employable to withstand global competition.

I would like to place on record my heartiest congratulations and wish every pupil a very

Best of luck for future adventures.  


Warm Regards, 
Smt. Varsha Praful Patel

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