Distribution of skill certification to students by NSDC Rekha Menon From NASCOM Delhi & Principal

Dhote. Bandhu. Science. College.
Has been accredited with A+ grade  (CGPA-3.51)  by NAAC Bangalore.

Secretary's Note

Dhote Bandhu Science College, has come into existence in 1969 as an independent institution. Prior to that it had its origin in the faculty of Science of NMD College imparts instructions in some professional subjects like Computer Science, Microbiology, Electronics. Specialization in the area of Higher Education is the popular demand of today’s generation and keeping this in view, the college has started post graduation programs to cater to the educational requirements of the students of the district.

The college has lot of facilities to promote scientific skill and develop intellectual tastes which would serve the nation in turn the mankind as whole. Every student in this institution is given maximum opportunity to exhibit his/her scientific skill to pursue higher studies and to do research work. We have started a lot of carrier oriented, indigenous courses to enable our students to have a bright career and future.

I wish all the students of the college put in all their best efforts wielding maximum infrastructure of this institution to attain the heights of the scientific achievements both in the areas of pure as well as applied sciences to excel as scientific gems, what the country needs most spacing today. Wish you the best in all walks of life.


Warm Regards,
Shri Rajendra Jain - M.L.C
(Secretary G. E. S. )

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