Started in the year 1963 the department of Botany holds laurels for meritoriously producing many Degree and Post Graduate batches.

Earlier the department had started UG course BSc with subject option Chemistry, Botany & Zoology. At present in our department there are two subject groups i.e. Chemistry, Botany & Zoology (CBZ); Chemistry, Botany & Microbiology (CBM). B.Sc. is a Grant-in-aid programme. Department has started Post Graduate programme M. Sc. from 2003 with Mycology and Plant Pathology specialization. It is self funded programme.

RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur recognized our department as Centre of Higher Learning and Research in 2014. Two Research students has been awarded Ph.D. degree till now and 2 more students have submitted thesis and currently One student is working for his doctoral work. We have 2 research supervisors.

This Department is the best place for students in love with both basic and applied aspects of plant sciences. The main mission of Department is to impart in-depth knowledge in the field of Botany to build scientific curiosity, research aptitude and make ready the students to face competitive exams and take up further studies.


The Department runs three years B. Sc. Degree (CBS pattern) with six semesters, two years M.Sc. degree (CBCS pattern) course spread over four semesters. It also runs research programs leading to Ph.D. degrees.

Sr. NoProgramme

Name of the
DurationEntry Qualification
PatternSubject combinations
B.Sc.6 SemesterH.S.S.C.-SemesterCBZ and MB
(Mycology Plant Pathology)
4 SemesterB.Sc.20+2CBCS-
03Ph.D.Ph.D.-M.Sc. 10--

1. B. Sc. With two subject combination Chemistry Botany Zoology (CBZ) and Chemistry Botany Microbiology (CBM)- Students are admitted to the B.Sc. course on the basis of their percentages in the HSSC.
2. M. Sc. With specialization in Mycology and Plant Pathology (Capacity 20 students)- Students are admitted to the M.Sc. course on the basis of their percentages in the B.Sc. degree. During the first year of M.Sc. the students are taught core courses in Botany. During the 3rd and 4th semesters, students undertake optional courses and specialization courses besides a few core courses.
3. The M.Sc. students also carry out a project during the last semester. Examinations for M.Sc students are held as per the Credit System rules laid down by the University and involve continuous assessment (Internal Assessment) and a term-end examination in each semester.
4. Ph. D. (Capacity 10 students)- Students are admitted on the basis Ph.D. Entrance Tests (PET) conducted by RTM Nagpur university, Nagpur or if they have qualified any of the National or State level Eligibility tests (NET, SET, GATE).

Syllabus B.Sc. Botany

Syllabus M.Sc. Botany


Presently, in our department there are Three Full time teaching staff members on Granted, Five Full time teaching staff members on Non-Grant course and two non-teaching staff members. All are qualified and experienced.


PhotoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationSpecializationContact
Prof. Mahesh KawaleDr. Mahesh Vinayak Kawale
View Profile
Head of the department and Assistant ProfessorM.Sc., Ph. D.Cytology and

Dr. Kalpana Ghoshal
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Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph. D.Palynology
Dr. Prashant C. Shahare
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Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.
Mr. Akshay KhedikarAssistant Professor M. Sc., NETMolecular Biology and
Plant Biotechnology
Mrs. Akta JainTeacher on Clock Hour BasisM. Sc. M.PhilPlant Pathology
Ms. Toshika ThereTeacher on Clock Hour BasisM. Sc. SET Mycology and Plant Pathology
Ms. Priyanka KumbhalkarTeacher on Clock Hour BasisM.Sc.Molecular Biology and
Plant Biotechnology
Mr. B. G. MankarLaboratory Assistant--
Ms. Meena Katre Laboratory Assistant--
[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design02″ color_scheme=”gray” package_heading=”Infrastructure”]

1. Wee PCR Thermal Cycler Make Himedia 01 21. Plant Press for Herbarium 01
2. Digital Microphotography Unit 01 22. Heating Mantles 03
3. Vertical Gel Electrophoresis 01 23. Micropipette 03
4. UV Transiluminator 01 24. Wifi Router 01
5. Ultra Centrifuge Machine 01 25. Visualizer 01
6. Bacteriological Incubator 01 26. Lux meter 01
7. Spectrophotometer 01 27. Water Distillation Assembly 02
8. PH Meter 02 28 Refrigerator 01
9. Stereo Zoom Microscope 01 29 Oven 01
10. Smart Board with Projector 01 30 Water Bath 02
11. Compound  Microscopes 100 31 Inoculation Chamber 01
12. Dissecting  Microscopes 60 32 Autoclave 02
13. Binocular Microscopes 02 33 Vertical Mini Gel for Electrophoresis 01
14. Binocular Research  Microscopes 02 34 Laminar Air Flow 01
15 Inclined Research Microscope 01 35 TLC Apparatus 01
16 Micro slide projector 01 36 Colorimeter 01
17. Over head Wall Projector 01 37 Incubators 02
18. Over Head Slide Wall Projector 01 38 Magnetic Stirrer 01
19.  Centrifuge Electric 01 39 Computers 02
20. Weighing  Balance 02 40 UV- Chamber 01



Ph. D. Research

Gondia Education Society laid the foundation of Research laboratories after attaining recognition from RTM Nagpur University in 2014 with capacity of 10 research students.  The department is recognized as a Centre for Higher Learning and offers a Doctoral Research in the spheres of Ecology, Phycology, Phytochemistry, and Pharmacognosy. Research projects sponsored by UGC have been carried out by the faculty members in this department.

 List of students awarded Ph.D.

Sr. No. Name of Student Supervisor Topic
1 Mr. T. K. Lilhare Dr. M. V. Kawale “Investigations on Smilax Zeylamicalinn and Holarrhena antidysenterica (Roth) wall. Ex ADC with Special Reference to their utility in being exploited for Nutraceutical Formulations.”
2 Mr. Amit A. Jagiya

Dr. Arun K.


Phylloplane Mycoflora of some Members of Amaranthaceae of Sakoli Taluka.
3 Mr. Dharmik D. Harinkhede Dr. (Mrs) A.A. Saoji “Morphodiversity of Bark Structure in Forest Trees of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra.”
4 Mrs. Sarita M. Thakur Dr. (Mrs) A.A. Saoji “ Aerospora of Paddy Field and its Relation to Epidemiology of Diseases in Rice Plant.”
5 Ms. Jayshri P. Nandeshwar

Dr. Arun K.


“ Investigation of Cretacedus Fossil Flora and Contribution to the Knowledge of Fossil from Deccan Intertrappean Series of Central India.”






Research Contribution of the Department


Research Publications         

Sr. No. Name of Faculty No. of Paper published Paper presented in Conferences Attended /Participated
1 Dr. Mahesh. V. Kawale 20 28
2 Dr.  Kalpana P. Ghoshal 20 25
3 Dr. Prashant C. Shahare 11 25



Collection and Characterization of Andrographis paniculata germplasm from Gondia district. sponsored by University Grants Commission, Govt. of India. Rs. 1,10,000/-. Grant No. 47-1947/11 (WRO) dtd. 25th Jan, 2012 (Duration: Feb 2012 – April 2014).




Sr. No. Name of Supervisor Capacity of students Working Students Vacant Position
1 Dr. Mahesh. V. Kawale 04 01 03
2 Dr. Mrs. Kalpana P. Ghoshal 04 00 04


Click here for M.Sc. Project 

The department organizes special lectures from various areas in Botany delivered by eminent personalities, thus enhancing knowledge of recent developments in the field. As a part of skill development activity, workshops on molecular biology, research methodology, plant taxonomy and horticulture are conducted on a regular basis. In order to gain first-hand knowledge about plants in their natural habitats, Botanical excursions are organized for UG and PG students to study plant diversity and forest ecosystems. Visits to reputed research institutes and industry are conducted for students to experience industry settings and gain exposure to instrumentation and novel processes.

Activities/ Achievement

  • One Student appointed as Assistant Professor in Degree college
  • Two students Cleared SET Examination
  • Two students awarded Ph.D. Degree