• Developing the Department as Centre for Learning and Research
  • Optimum utilization of Student -Centric Learning.
  • Generation of continuous self-employment and skilled human resources to meet global challenges.
  • Intensive Training Programs for Staff and Students
  • Software Consultancy under TSS (Teacher Social Service Scheme)
  • Conduction of CRT for increasing the number of placements
  • Promotion of ICT  in  Teaching-Learning Process.
  • Development of Computer Assisted Learning Packages (CALP) for Teaching-Learning Process
  • In-house Software Development for Office and Departmental Automation.

UG – PG Courses

CoursePattern Duration
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) Semester Pattern 3 Yrs. Degree Course
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Semester Pattern3 Yrs. Degree Course
Master of Science (M. Sc.)Choice Based Credit System2 Yrs

Add-On Programs :

Spoken Tutorial IT Software Training Programme of IIT, Bombay

Certificate Course in C &C++

Advanced c++, Java, Netbeans, Java Business  Application, PHP& MySQL

Certificate Course In TCS Micro Degree

TCS ion Free Digital Certificate Course (Career Edge)

01Dr. Rakesh Dhuware
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Head Of Department

Assistant Professor
02Prof. Vina L. GautamProf. Vina L. GautamM.Sc.(C/S), MCA, NET,
SET, Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Assistant Professor
03Rameshwar ShelkeProf. Rameshwar P. ShelkeM.Sc.(C/S), SETAssistant Professor
04Prof. Vilash D. DaateProf. Vilash D. DaateM.Sc.(C/S), NET, SETAssistant Professor
05Mr. Mitesh G. KatreProf. Rubina G. KureshiM.Sc. (C/S), SET, B.Ed.Assistant Professor
06Mr. Mitesh G. KatreMr. Mitesh G. Katre MCA, M.PhilCHB
07Ms. Pournima N. BanteMs. Pournima N. BanteMCA, B.Ed CHB
08Ms. Soni. H PardhiMs. Soni. H PardhiM.Sc.(C/S), NET, B.Ed.CHB
09Ms. Renu S. DuragkarMs. Renu S. Duragkar M.Sc.(C/S)CHB
10Ms. M. P. KawaleMs. M. P. Kawale M.Sc.(C/S)CHB
11Ekta-MulchandaniMs. Ekta B. Mulchandani MCA CHB
12Ms. Triveni L. RahangdaleMs. Triveni L. Rahangdale MCACHB
13Ms. Harshita S. KanojeMs. Harshita S. Kanoje M.Sc.(C/S) CHB
14Ms. Pooja D. turkar	Ms. Pooja D. turkar M.Sc.(C/S)CHB
15Ms. Monika N. DhakateMs. Monika N. Dhakate M.Sc.(C/S)CHB
16Ms. Arati S. PatleMs. Arati S. Patle M.Sc.(C/S)CHB
17Ms. Roshni E. Patle	Ms. Roshni E. Patle M.Sc.(C/S)CHB

Infrastructure Facilities :


Paper Licensed Software :


Sr. No.ParticularsQuantity
01Microsoft Windows Server CAL 2012 SNGL Academic OLP 1 License NoLevel DvcCAL05
02Microsoft Windows Server CAL 2012 R2 SNGL Academic OLP 1 License NoLevel 2 Proc.01
03C Compiler RAD Studio XE Architect Networked Named User, Toolcloud.05
04Microsoft Windows Professional 8.1 SNGL Upgrade Academic OLP 1 Licence No Level.50
05Microsoft Windows Professional 8.1 SNGL Upgrade Academic OLP 1 Licence No Level legalization Get Genuine50
06Office Pro Plus 2010 SNGL OLP NL Academic

07VS Pro 2010 SNGL OLP NL Academic05
08Winpro 7 SNGL upgrd OLP NL Academic
09Winpro 7 SNGL upgrd OLP NL Academic

10Win VistaBsnss SNGL OLP NL Legalization Get Genuine
11Orell Talk SMART Version Offline(Lifetime Perpetual License
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”List of Video’s in E- Library”][/ultimate_heading]

..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Basic Logic Gates.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Binary Search.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\BinarySearchTree.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\BubbleSort.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Determining the Efficiency of an Algorithm.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Hashing.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Hungarian Method.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Implementing A Binary Tree.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\InsertionSort.mp4

..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Merge Sort.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Queue.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Quick Sort.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Sorting Data.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Threaded Binary Trees.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Stacks.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Introduction to Graphs.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\Role of Algorithms and Data Structures.mp4
..\ICT folder\E-Library\Video’s\IntroducingLinkedList.mp4

  • Fully well furnished Air-Conditioned Laboratory – 04
  • Use of ICT in Teaching & Learning Process
  • Internet connectivity with Wi-Fi facility
  • LCD Projector with Projection Screen
  • Use of E-Learning resources
  • Licensed Software’s
  • 115 Computer Systems with latest Hardware configuration with LAN(Ethernet)Speed of 1GBPS
  • Periodicals and Magazines=04, 02 Computer journals, E-books, Online Journals N list programme of UGC INFLIBNET
  • Text Books & Reference Books:2251
  • Software for Online Video Conferencing (Spontenia, TCS’s software’s).
  • Use of Firewall in the Network

Placements :

From 2012 to 2016 -70+ students placed in TCS, Infosys and various rising IT companies in India

Dr.R.K.Dhuware awarded Ph.D. in Computer Science  of  RTM Nagpur University under the supervision of Dr.S.R.Pande, Shivaji Science College, Nagpur  vide notification Dt.19.12.2019 for the thesis entitled “Analysis  of Data  Mining Techniques  Towards  Customer Relatiionship Management(CRM) with Soft Computing Methodologies”.

(Letter No:-Ph.D.(Cell)/RRC/119 Dated 15/04/2013)

Registration As A Guide for Ph.D. in Computer Science in RTM Nagpur University (Letter No.-Ph.D.(Cell)/RRC/Guide/983 Dated 05/11/2012).

  • Best Paper Presentation Award  in NAAC sponsored National Conference on “Quality Sustenance in Higher Education Institutions”organized by Dhote Bandhu Science College, Gondia. On 16-17th October 2012.
  • Paper Published in Conference Proceedings entitled “Quality SustenanceThrough Use Of ICT In Higher Education” ISBN: 978-93-5087-006-8 Pg no. 111.
Research Guidance :

Sr. No.NameRegistration DateResearch TopicStatus
01Smt. Bhawana A. Parbat 20-03-2014 Wireless Sensor Network Data Mining Techniques for Resource OptimizationAwarded
02Ms. Eera N. Taldar 11-11-2011 An analytical study of Use of Cloud Computing In Health Care Centres-
03Ms .R. G. KureshiPerusing
04Ms. P. L. HotchandaniPerusing
05Mr. Tanuj RajputPerusing
Research Paper Publications :
International Journals  : 05
National Journals  : 10

Conference Proceeding (National/International) : 12