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About the Department

The Department of Electronics, D. B. Science College was established in the year 1986. Electronics subject have been  introduced at B.Sc. level to fill the gap between Science and Engineering. Electronics subject is being offered to the students at B.Sc. level in two combinations Electronics, Physics, Mathematics or Electronics, Computer Science, Mathematics. The staff is continuously engaged in designing and fabricating the experimental modules in the laboratory. Students are also getting involved in developing new hardware.  Outcome of this activity is that the expenditure incurred on experimental hardware is reduced to large extend. Electronics department has put great efforts in teaching, learning and evaluation process for qualitative improvement of the student, as a result large number of student secures distinction class and first division in university examination.  The teaching staff members pay special attention to slow learner and advance learners as well. Students offering Electronics subject are placed in various IT company like TCS, INFOSYS etc.


  • Deliver Education Scientifically & Ethically.
  • To impart skills for electronic hardware practical training to the students
  • To carve out successful professionals who develop innovative solutions for electronic Systems and adapt themselves for changes in contemporary technology.
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Various program attributing to electronics have been available to the students at U.G. level .

Sr. No.CoursePatternDurationSubject Offered
01Bachelor of Science
(B. Sc. Electronic (From 1986 to till today)
Semester Pattern3 Yrs. Degree CourseElectronics as one of the Subject
02EEDP program by YCMOU, Nasik (from 1999 to 2002)Semester Pattern3 Yrs. Diploma CourseElectronics
03B.Sc. Computer maintenance-Vocational program (From 1998-2004)Yearly Pattern3 Yrs. Degree CourseElectronics as one of the Subject
04Bifocal Electronics (From 2007 to 2016)Yearly Pattern2 Yrs. (10+2) CourseElectronics as one of the Subject
05B. C. A. Electronics module (From 2007 to 2015)Yearly Pattern3 Yrs. Degree CourseElectronics as one of the Subject

Add-On Programs:

Spoken Tutorial IT Software Training Programme of IIT, Bombay

PhotoName Of FacultyDesignationQualificationContact
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Professor and Head,
Department of Electronics
M. Sc. (Electronics), Ph.
Prof. Datta Gangaram Nalamwar
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Associate ProfessorM.Sc. (Applied Electronics)
Prof..Arun Abhimanji Bhoyar
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Associate ProfessorM.Sc.(Applied Electronics), P.G.D.C.S.arun_bhoyar @indiatimes,com
Mr. Bhavik A. RathodCHBM.Sc. (Electronics)
Mr. S. B. ShahareLaboratory AttendantB.

Department is accomplished with two-labs having size 20X30 square feet named as Microprocessor-lab and Digital and linear electronic lab. The HOD Cabin having size 20X10 square feet.

Department is equipped with major instrument listed below:

  • Cathode ray oscilloscope (Dual channel 20MHz)
  • Function generator (1MHZ)
  • DC regulated power supply
  • 8085 microprocessor kit’s
  • Digital multimeter
  • Analog Multimeter
  • 8051 Micro-controller Kit’s
  • Desktop Computer
Electronics Department
Microprocessor Lab
Digital & Linear Electronic Lab

Dr. J. G. Mahakhode  is a recognized Guide for Ph.D. students of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur in the subject Electronics, Faculty of Science. (Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/8/B/46 Date 23-Oct-2009)


Research Publications

Name of AuthorNo. of Paper PublishedSource :- Google Scholar as on 10-04-2022
Citation indicesImpact factor (Max)h-indexi10-index
J..G. Mahakhode12925.31642
Source:- Scopus preview as on 19-11-2021
Conference Organized

1) UGC sponsored National Conference on “ Novel Synthesis of Advanced Materials” held at Dhote Bandhu Science College, Gondia on 20th December 2014

2)Online Conference on Challenges in Research Methodologyjointly organizes with Research Advisory Committee and Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Dhote Bandhu Science College, Gondia and Luminescence Society of India (Vidharbha Chapter) on 11th& 12th December, 2020.

Faculty Award

  • Dr. J. G. Mahakhode has been awarded with teacher fellowship under faculty improvement program at UGC during 10thplan from 9 June 2005 to 31 march 2007.
  • Dr. J. G. Mahakhode delivered an Invited talk in the “1st International Congress on Advanced material at university of Jinan, Jinan city, China.”
  • Dr. J. G. Mahakhode, awarded with outstanding poster presentation in International conference on Luminescence and its application, ICLA – 2008 held at National physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India.
  • Dr. J. G. Mahakhode has been granted with Australian Patent.
Shri.J.G. Mahakhode receiving award in the International conference at National Physical laboratory, New Delhi.

Student’s Award

  • KomalDilipkumarTejwani of D.B. Science College, Gondia, obtained Silver medal in 2007 for securing highest marks in the subject Electronics among the students from Nagpur University.
  • Shilpa Joshi awarded with INSPIRE Scholar ship ( 2012-15).
  • MeghaDiwakarSonkusare of D.B. Science College, Gondia, secured highest marks in the subject Electronics at the Final B.Sc. Examination of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur held in Summer 2017.

List of Student who secure more than 130/150 in the subject electronics in last 4 years (2017 and onwards) :


Sr. NoName  of  StudentClassYearMarks obtained
1.Ku. Kriti G. BhagatB.Sc.  Sem IW/2017132/150
2.Ku. Bharati P. RahangdaleB.Sc.  Sem IIIW/2017139/150
3. Mr. Bhushan T.  RahateB.Sc.  Sem VW/2017132/150
4. Ku. Bharati P. RahangdaleB.Sc.  Sem IIS/2017135/150
5.Mr. Bhushan T.  RahateB.Sc.  Sem IVS/2017134/150
6.Ku. MeghaD.SonkusreB.Sc.  Sem VIS/2017132/150
7.Ku. Megha R. AgrawalB.Sc.  Sem IVS/2018138/150
8.Ku. Sakshi  M. HarinkhedeB.Sc.  Sem IW/2018143/150
9.Mr. Vibhor S. KawleB.Sc.  Sem IIIW/2018130/150
10.Ku. Bharati P. RahangdaleB.Sc.  Sem VW/2018135/150
11.Ku. Deepa T. BisenB.Sc.  Sem IVS/2019132/150
12.Ku. Bharati P. RahangdaleB.Sc.  Sem VIS/2019137/ 150
13Mr. Om Vilas BorkarB.Sc. Sem IW/2019133/150
14.Mr. Ashwin D. PatleB.Sc. Sem IW/2019131/150
15.Mr.Ashwin D. PatleB.Sc. Sem IIS/2020139/150
16.Mr. Om Vilas BorkarB.Sc. Sem IIS/2020135/150
17.Ku. Sakshi  M. HarinkhedeB.Sc. Sem IVS/2020141/150
18.Ku Dinky P. PoddarB.Sc. Sem IVS/2020135/150
19.Mr.Laxmikant M. KatreB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020133/150
20.Mr.Sagar K. GudaiyaB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020149/150
21.Ku. Kriti G. BhagatB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020148/150
22.Ku. Muskan P. ChahandeB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020148/150
23.Ku. Jigisha M. JoshiB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020147/150
24.Mr.Ankit R. PalewarB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020147/150
25.Mr.Tilak J. BhendarkarB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020147/150
26.Mr.Vibhor S. KawleB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020147/150
27.Mr.Vinay V. JadhavB.Sc.Sem IVS/2020147/150
28.Ku. Roshani R. KaloB.Sc.  Sem IIIW/2020133/150
29.Mr.Ashwin D. PatleB.Sc.  Sem IIIW/2020131/150
30Mr. Om Vilas BorkarB.Sc.  Sem IIIW/2020130/150
31.Ku Dinky P. PoddarB.Sc.  Sem VW/2020135/150
32.Mr.Laxmikant M. KatreB.Sc.  Sem VW/2020133/150
33.Mr.Ritik R. ChouressiaB.Sc.  Sem VW/2020135/150
34.Ku. Vina M. BisenB.Sc.  Sem IIS/2021135/150
35.Mr.Anmol  S. GautamB.Sc.  Sem IIS/2021132/150
36.Mr.Ramanand L. TikapacheB.Sc.  Sem IIS/2021130/150
37.Mr.Ashwin D. PatleB.Sc.  Sem IVS/2021135/150
38.Mr. Om Vilas BorkarB.Sc.  Sem IVS/2021134/150
39.Mr.Laxmikant M. KatreB.Sc.  Sem VIS/2021135/150
Komal Dilipkumar Tejwani of D.B. Science College, Gondia, obtained Silver medal in 2007 for securing highest marks in the subject Electronics among the students from Nagpur University.
Megha Diwakar Sonkusare
Megha Diwakar Sonkusare of D.B. Science College, Gondia, secured highest marks in the subject Electronics at the Final B.Sc. Examination of RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur held in Summer 2017.
Online Conferance

Two-Days  Online Conference on Challenges in Research Methodology organized on 11th  and 12th  December 2020

Fire Evacuation Service

Department of Electronics, Dhote Banbhu Science College and Fire and Emergency service Municipal council, Gondia jointly organized on Extension Activity on Fire and Evacuation Drills


Department of Electronics Organizes an outreach program on  Save and safety of Electricity (2017-2018

Save fuel cycle rally

Awareness rally on Save fuel- Cycle Rally has been organized by department of Electronics on 17th  FEB 2018