International Conference on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT & LEADERSHIP
26th - 27th November 2018, Gondia, Maharashtra, India


About Conference

Women empowerment is a global issue, which has gained momentum in recent decades as the development of society or a nation depends on the social as well as economic well being of women.

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International Conference on Women Empowerment and Leadership

About Institute

Dhote Bandhu Science College, Gondia is a premier science institution in eastern part of Maharashtra state of India catering quality education with state – of – art facility to relatively forlorn strata of this region ....

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6 + Eminent resource persons from USA & Australia

Dr. Ajitha Naidu Sugnanam

Dr. Ajitha Naidu Sugnanam

Coordinator / Self awareness and teamwork Lecturer, Australia
Dr Nirmala Naidu Sugnanam

Dr. Nirmala Naidu Sugnanam

Female Health Lecturer, Australia
Ms. Deborah Ann McCann

Ms. Deborah Ann McCann

Fitness Assistant USA.

Mr. Ian Labrone Green

Physical Training Instructor USA.
Mr Sith Saegon

Mr. Sith Saegon

Cyber Security Team Work / Leadership Lecturer USA
Dr David Flood

Dr. David Flood

Self Defence Instructor, Australia.