SC/ST/OBC Grievances Redressal Cell

Download Activity Report of Session 2020-21

SC/ST/OBC Grievances Report 2020-2021

DhoteBandhu Science College, Gondia has constituted a SC/ST/OBC Grievance Redressal Cell to eradicate any kind of caste-based discrimination pertaining to the students/staff belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Class.

Constituted Cell for 2021-2022 Session

Sr. No-    Name Designation Mobile No. E mail.
1 Dr. Anjan Naidu Principal/ Chairman 9423412712
2 Prof. DharmvirChouhan Member / Co-ordinator 7350330035
3 Ku. Payal Thakur Member (Student) 9158102700

Constituted Cell for 2020-2021 Session

Sr. No-    Name Designation Mobile No. E mail.
1 Dr. Anjan Naidu Principal/ Chairman 9423412712
2 Prof. Dharmvir Chouhan Member / Co-ordinator 7350330035
3 Ku. Priti Bisen Member (Student) 8007484844

Constituted Cell for 2016-2020 Session

Sr. No-    Name Designation Mobile No. E mail.
1 Dr. Anjan Naidu Principal/ 9423412712
2 Prof. DharmvirChouhan Chairman 7350330035
3 Prof. Ms. S.B. Narde Member 9767966810
4 Shri. D.M. Tekam Member 9673370856  
5 Shri. N.M. Ganvir Member 9403418166
6 Shri. P.M. Walde Member 9637631024
7 Shri. P.N. Lataye Member 9372482763


The cell addresses academic and non-academic issues related to complaints received from the students in reserved categories. Understanding the concept of unity in diversity, the institute strives to maintain an environment where all communities can participate in academic/research/co-curricular activities without any caste/creed related discrimination.

The student/ staff of DhoteBandhu Science College, Gondia can submit complaint related to discrimination by different modes.

  1. Either filling the google form given in the following link. ( )
  2. Email complaint to provided mail Id (
  3. Submit Hardcopy of complaint to Prof.D.A.Chouhan , Dept. of Microbiology, D.B.Science College Gondia


Any complaint received from students will be resolved by the cell after validation of all the facts and the resolution of the cell will be communicated to the plaintiff.

Please note that the scope of the cell and the complaint form is confined to caste-based discrimination of students / staff at DhoteBandhu Science College, Gondia only.


Grievance Redressal for SC/ST/ OBC in DhoteBandhu Science College, Gondia assures accountability, responsiveness, user-friendliness and healthy working atmosphere for the staff and students of the community. The committee helps students as well as the employees to record their complaints, if any and solve their problems related to academics, resources and personal grievances.

Objectives and Functions

  • Encouraging the SCs/STs/ OBCs employee/student to express their grievances freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized.
  • Entertain written signed complaints/Mail/ Google form of complaint of SCs/STs students/staff in respect of matters directly affecting them individually or as a group.
  • Ensure grievances are registered and acknowledged promptly through a unique file identification number for future reference.
  • Enquiry into the grievances, making recommendations, and reporting to the concerned authorities.
  • Monitoring the progress of disposal of the grievance.
  • Ensuring disposal of grievances within the time frame. If unsolved within the time frame the coordinator of the committee will report to the ombudsman of the university.
  • Dealing with every grievance in a fair manner.
  • Ensuring a reasoned and an optimistic reply for every grievance rejected.
  • Recommending appropriate action against complainant, if allegations made in the documents are found to be baseless.
  • Collection of the feedbacks from the complainant.
  • Monitoring the publication of annual report.

Guidelines for complainant

  1. The complainant has to submit his / her complaint in a prescribed form along with necessary documents (if any) in support of his / her complaint.
  2. They shall have to apply individually and represent his / her case before Grievance Redressal Committee.
  3. No proxy will be allowed to represent his / her complaint.
  4. They shall not be allowed to file a case in any judicial court when the matter is pending before the Grievance Redressal Committee.
  5. In case of any false complaint, the Chairman of the Cell may order appropriate action against the complainant.
  6. Always keep the complaint no. for future reference.