1. No fees for SC/ST/NT/VJ/OBC as per government of Maharashtra rules for UG and PG
  2. As and when the scholarships are received from the government, they are immediately distributed to the deserving and pertinent students.

Other scholarship are listed below :

  • PTC & STC
  • Scholarship for Excellent students in Mathematics and Physics
  • Open merit Scholarship
  • Scholarship for backward class students who are poor in financial condition
  • Scholarship for Hindi and non Hindi students
  • Minority Scholarship For Muslim / Sikh / Christian / Parsi / Bouddha
  • Eklavya Scholarship
  • Bidi Scholarship
  • Research dakshina Scholarship
  • B. Paranjape Sch./ Morris Memorial Scholarship
  • Dhirubhai Ambani Undergraduate Scholar.
  • Chief Minister Scholarship
  • Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship
  • Thakur Charitable Endowment Memorial Scholarship
  • DST Inspire Scholarship
  • General Students scholarship
  • SBI / Reserve Bank Scholarship
  • Life Insurance Scholarship
  • Global Trust Foundation
  • Founder’s Scholarship-full waiver on tuition fees to socio-economic disdained

G.O.I. Scholarship

All Backward class students and the student coming in the lower income group should apply for Govt. Of India scholarship in the prescribed form through their respective college in the month of June only.

The application form will be made available to them at the time of their admission.  All the students should be vigilant enough to fill in the form complete in all respects as any omission or incorrect / false information may disqualify them for the above SCHOLARSHIP. The students having gap in their education should invariably file a court affidavit declaring as to what they were doing during the intervening period.

The students who were in receipt of Govt. of India scholarship last year and have passed the annual examination are required to fill no application form . Their cases will be submitted to the Director of Social Welfare by the college for renewal of scholarship.  The student of  B.A. Part I, M.A. Part I will be treated as fresh candidates  for purpose of scholarship and as such they are required to apply for scholarship in the prescribed form.


  • National scholarship
  • National Loan Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship to the children of primary and secondary school teacher.


  •  Political sufferers scholarship ( Freedom Fighters)
  •  open merit scholarship
  •  Scholarship for the orthopedically handicapped
  • Application submitted in time will be sent to the respective authorities and award will be subjected to their sanction


  • Free – Studentship to E. B. C. Students
  • Free – Studentship to children of primary teachers


    • Free – Studentship to E. B. C. Students
  • The students whose parents and guardians ( if parents are not alive) annual income of the previous year is less than Rs. 15 thousand are entitled for this concession
  • Students who have once taken their post graduate degree are not entitled to E.B.C. , If they get themselves admitted either for the another post graduate degree or Law.
  • Repeaters those who fail in the University exam and study in the same class are not entitled to E.B.C.
  • The students should take note of the fact that if their parents /guardians are private / central Govt. employees , their entitlement depend upon the total salary which should be less than 15 thousand i.e. basic as well as other allowances
  • Students whose ordinary place of residence is within the state of Maharashtra only are entitled for free student ship.

Following Scholarships and concessions are available in th college

  • Girls’ concession
  • Economically Backward concession
  • Primary teacher’s Ward Concession
  • Secondary Teacher’s Ward Concession
  • Freeship
  • Government of India Scholarship (G.O.I.)
  • Bidi Scholarship
  • Scholarship for the students with distinction in Physics & Maths
  • Open Merit Scholarship
  • Global Trust Foundation Scholarship
  • Examination fees reimbursement for economically backward student
  • Hindi scholarship for AHINDIbhashik student
  • Minority Scholarship
  • Eklawya scholarship
  • Shanshodhan Dakshina Chatravrutti
  • N.B.Paranjape Scholarship
  • Moris Memorial Scholarship
  • Handicapped Scholarship
  • Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation scholarship