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1.1.1 The institutions ensures effective curriculum Delivery through a well planned and documented Process
a) Academic Calendarf) Student Induction ProgrammeK) Syllabus Completion Review Meetings
b) Workload Distributiong) Period Monitoring SystemL) Mentor Mentee Programme
c) Departmental meetingh) E-Contentm) Remedial Coaching/Seminars/Group Discussions
d) Teacher DiaryI) Use of ICI Tools in Teaching Learning Process.n) CO-Attainment
e) Unit Test Assessment j) Career guidanceo) Celebration of National/International Commemorative Days.
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1.1.2The institutions Adheres to the Academic Calendar Including for the Conduct of CIE
a) Academic Calendard) College Prospectus
b) Seminars/Webinars/workshops e) Continuous Internal Evaluation
c) Capacity building & skill Developmentsf) Co-curricular Activities
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1.1.3Teachers of the institution Participated in following activities related to Curriculumn Development and Assessment of the Affiliating University and/are represented on the following academic bodies during the last 5 yrs.
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a) Link for Additional Information
a) Link for Additional Information-MoUs
1.3.2 a) Any Additional Information
1.3.3 a) Any Additional Information
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1.2.1. M. Sc. Direction No. 10 of 2015
1.3.2 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) all courses
Information and Web Technology (ITWT)
Power Plant Chemistry (PPC)
List of students in Environmental studies (BCA)
List of students in Environmental studies (BSC)
1.3.3List of Students undertaking Fieldwork/Projectwork/Internship in PG Courses
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4.1.1. Infrastructure Resources and physical facilities for teaching- learning with the institute 4.1.1 Infrastructure Data with Geotag photos.cdr (
4.1.2Facilities available for cultural activities, sports, games (indoor, outdoor), gymnasium, yoga 4.1.1 Infrastructure Data with Geotag photos.cdr (
4.1.3ICT enabled Classrooms and seminar HallsICT Enabled Classrooms and Seminar Hall – (
4.1.4 Audit Report on expenditure on infrastructure augmentation2020-212019-202018-192017-182016-17
4.2.1 KOHA -Library Management System (ILMS)opac – D. B. SCIENCE COLLEGE, GONDIA (
4.2.2 Receipts of e-journals ( NLIST and British Council)2016-21
4.2.3 Audit Report on purchase of books/e-books and subscription to journals/e- journals2020-212019-202018-192017-182016-17
4.3.1 IT facilities including Wi-fiData Processing Centre /Exam Control Room – D. B. SCIENCE COLLEGE, GONDIA (
4.4.1Audit Report on expenditure incurred on maintenance of infrastructure (Physical and Academic)2020-212019-202018-192017-182016-17
4.4.2Policy document on maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilitiesPolicy on Learning Resources and Infrastructure.cdr (
Extended Profile: Audited statements2020-212019-202018-192017-182016-17
Sr. No.Title
7.1.1 A) Specific facilities provided for women
B) Annual Gender Sensitization Action Plan
7.1.2A) Solar based measures
B) Geotagged Photographs (alternate sources of energy)
7.1.3A) Agreement for disposal of waste
B) Waste management photo
C) Geotagged Photograph (Facilities in the Institution for the Waste management)
7.1.4(A) Water Conservation facilities available in the institution
(B) Relevant information regarding water conservation facilities
C) Geotagged Photograph (Water conservation) facilities
7.1.5A) Link of any other relevant information (Green Campus)
B) Geotagged Photographs (Green Campus)
A) Audit Reports
B) Link of any other relevant information (Audit Reports)

Disabled-friendly, barrier free environment
A) Link of any other relevant information (Geotagged Photographs)
B) Details of the Software
7.1.8Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment
A) Link for supporting documents on the information (inclusive environment)
B) Link for any other relevant information (Inclusive Environment)
7.1.9Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations
A) Sensitization of students and employees of the institution to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens
B) Link for any other relevant information (Institution to the constitutional obligations)
7.1.10The Institution has a prescribed code of conduct
7.1.11Institution celebrates / organizes national and international commemorative days, events and festivals
A) Geotagged photographs (commemorative days, events and festivals)
B) Link for any other relevant information (commemorative days, events and festivals)
C) Link for Annual report of the celebrations and commemorative events for the last five years (commemorative days, events and festivals)
7.2Best Practices
A) Link for Best Practices in the Institutional website
B) Link for any other relevant information (Best Practices)
7.3Institutional Distinctiveness
A) Portray-link for appropriate web in the institutional website
B) Portray -Any other relevant Information