Sr. No.Name of DepartmentName of GuideRegistration DateRegistration Number
01MathematicsDr. Anjan Naidu09/01/2008Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/Sci /71/B/436 dated 09/01/2008
02ElectronicsDr. J. G. Mahakhode23/10/2009Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/8/B/46 dated 23/10/ 2009
03ChemistryDr. M. R. Patle27/02/2012Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/984/B /483 dated 27th Feb 2012
04ZoologyDr. G. P. Gadekar27/02/2012Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/1006/B /504 dated 27th Feb 2012
05ChemistryDr. K. M. Hatzade19/09/2009Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/112 dated 23rd Oct. 2009
06BotanyDr. M. V. Kawale27/02/2012Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/1019/A /519 dated 27th Feb 2012
07MicrobiologyDr. S. D. Tambekar12/12/2014Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/1968 /Nagpur, dated, 12/ 12/2014
08Computer ScienceDr. R. K. Dhuware05/11/2012Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/983 dated 05/11/2012
09PhysicsDr. D. S. Chaudhary06/12/2010Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/159/B /190 dated 06/12/2010
10EnglishDr. Dilip Jena28/08/2012Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/B/121 dated 28/08/2012
11BotanyDr. K.P. Ghoshal25/04/2012Ph.D. (Cell)/RRC/Guide/2334 dated 25/04/2012