• Library Books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).
  • Library users are provided open access to books.
  • The purpose of the Library is to inculcate reading habit and self study.
  • Library Services: Referral, Reference, Lending, Reprography, E-Library, Internet Facility
  • Students may contact the Library Staff or the Librarian for assistance.
Total No. of Books:48099
Journals (Print) : 16

Membership Library-Overview

The College Library has a very valuable treasure of textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, and dictionaries, journals (national, international and peer review) magazines and newspaper etc. The noteworthy collection is in the various subjects that are offered in the Curriculum. It has a spacious reading room for the readers to make the best use of the matter that is available and keeping with the role of an information center the facility of “Open Access System” has been introduced whereby the readers have direct access to the cupboards and do the necessary reference. It is open for nine hours from 10.30 am with the closing time as 5.00 p.m. The library provides internet and photocopying facility. It has also computerized its transactions. The ground floor of the library has the Book Issue Section, Periodicals Section, Reading/Reference Section and E-Library Section..At the beginning of the academic year, an orientation session is conducted for the new students to acquaint them with the functioning of the library. Book exhibitions are held once a year in the Library by book  various distributors and publishers.


Monday to Friday 10.00 AM to 05.00 AM
Saturday10.00 AM to 2.00 AM
Reading Room Timings
Monday to Friday 08.00 AM to 03.00 PM
Saturday08.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Sunday and Holidays Closed


  • Use of Mobile Phone is not allowed in the Library.
  • ID card/Record Book is mandatory for using library.
  • Silence should maintain strictly in Library and Reading Room.
  • Bags not allowed in the Library and stack area.
  • Discipline and queue must be maintained in library.
  • Read the Library Notice Board time to time for updates.
  • Co-operate the library staff for smooth functioning and library services.
  • If you have any problem regarding library please contact to librarian.
  • Only Admitted students and students with valid reason and valid permission from authority will be allowed to use the library. Outsiders and ex-students without permission are not allowed.
  • Misbehavior in the library will be punished or penalized according to the college authority or library membership will be cancelled.
  • Eating, spitting sleeping in the library is not allowed it will be treated as misbehavior and will be penalized as per the college authority.
  • Handle the Library Book carefully.
  • Return the books on due date or renewed otherwise fine will be charged at the time of clearance.
  • A student will be provided I-card cum record book.
  • I-card not transferable.
  • Book will be issued on the valid I-card holder only.
  • Valid ID card is compulsory for issuing the books from the library.
  • Books will be issued for a week and can renew for further week. If a student does not renew the book or return the book after the due date will charge a late fee Rupees 1/day.
  • The student must check the book on issuing if found mutilated or torn pages must inform the library staff on the circulation counter otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for the same.
  • If it is found that book is lost or damaged the borrower must replace with a new copy of the Book or have to pay the amount of the Book with the fine as per the college and library authority.
  • Student must sign in the Reading Room Entry Register on entering the Reading Room.
  • The Periodicals (Journals & magazines) and News paper will not be issued at home they will be available in library reading room only. Taking out the Journals and magazine outside the library is prohibited.
  • While taking the book for reading room students must deposit his/her ID card at the Reading Room Counter.
  • After reading the periodical (Journal, Magazine, Newspaper) keep it on the proper place or on the reading Room Counter.
  • Student must sign in the Internet Section Entry Register on entering the Internet section.
  • Students are expected to use the Internet responsibly. Internet access is limited to academic activities only and personal use is not permitted. Academic activities include research and educational tasks.
  • Transmitting, copying or downloading any material such as copyrighted material without the permission of copyright holder is prohibited.
  • Allowing someone else such as your friend or relatives on your register user ID/ or internet access permission is prohibited.
  • All sites and downloads may be monitored and/or blocked by college if they are deemed to be harmful or offensive.
  • Attaching any devices such as pen drives, mobiles or any electronic or storage media without permission is prohibited.
  • The installation of any software is strictly prohibited.
  • Sending or posting discriminatory, harassing, or threatening messages or images on the Internet via college internet service is prohibited.
  • Using computers to perpetrate any form of fraud, and/or software, film or music piracy, stealing, using, or disclosing someone else’s password without authorization is prohibited.
  • Passing off personal views as representing those of the organization is prohibited.
  • The college do not accept any responsibility or liability for any matter, issue, claim, action, inaction proceeding, demand, damage, loss, cost, charge or expense which any user may suffer or incur, either directly or indirectly, through the use of this service.
  • Internet user will be fully responsible for consequences arising during his session.
  • Violation of the above could result in disciplinary and/or legal action leading up to and including termination from college. Users may also be held personally liable for damages.


  • Book Circulation Service with Barcode and scanner
  • Reference service / Referral Service
  • Journals & General magazine, Newspaper section
  • OPAC service
  • Online Access to e-resources
  • Inter Library Loan service
  • Reprographic services
  • Internet facility
  • Recommend an Item
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  • Audio / Visual Service


  • To guide in formulating general library policies and regulations for the efficient on utilization the concerned resources
  • To provide proper documentation services, update the collection, work towards modernization and improvement.
  • To adopt measures to enhance readership.
  • To seek feedback on library functions from end users.
  • To submit the action plan and annual report on the functioning of the library.
  • To submit committee observation and recommendations to the Principal office on regular intervals.
Sr. No.NameDesignation
01Prof. S.P. Timande Chairman
02Dr. R.K. Dhuware Member
03Shri P. M. WaldeMember Secretary